Saturday, 24 August 2013

Desert Island Books August Takeover - Part 6

Wouldn't it be lovely, on such a wet and miserable bank holiday weekend, to be stranded on a hot desert island with a book?

We thought so, so welcome to the 6th part of Desert Island Books August takeover!
And it's Andrew's turn!

1.                   If you were stranded on a desert island for the summer and you were only allowed one book, which would you bring with you and why?
Just one book... now, that's hard. It would have to be a thick book. A book I love and would like to reread... I think, in this current moment, I would go for the complete His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. I'm pretty certain there's a volume that contains all three books so I would go for that. And why? The story is awesome, I adore Mrs Coulter (even though I'm meant to despise her), I would love to reread it. Plus, as the book is SO HEAVY, I could use it to kill any bugs that scare the jeepers out of me!

2.                   You discover that your favourite author has washed up ashore with you – who would it be (and why)?
JK ROWLING!!! I just adore the woman. I don't think I need to say more than that, do I?

3.                   What would be the ultimate question you’d love to ask them?
Now, onto the hard question. I have so many over the world of Harry Potter and The Casual Vacancy! Why Lupin and Tonks? Why didn't Luna and Neville get together? Why did Ginny let Harry name their children THOSE names? The history of Hogwarts itself? When are we getting the Harry Potter Encyclopaedia (sorry, Pottermore doesn't count and, to me, it will always be the Scottish Book)? How did you cope with fame? So many! But, I think, I would ask about her opinion on evil. I would ask her if she believes Voldermort was evil from birth (because he was conceived under a love potion) or if he became evil over a period of time and, if so, could he have redeemed himself in some way?

4.                   You see a boat in the distance coming to rescue you… Where would you want it to take you and why (it can be anywhere, real or fiction)?
HURRAY!!! AM SAVED!!! But... now this is a 50/50 choice. If I could go somewhere fictional, I would ask to go to Hogwarts. Because... it's HOGWARTS!!! But I would considered long and hard about going to New York. I adore New York and the only time I went, I loved the city. I have such wonderful memories of it (though there was a LOT of Starbucks Coffeeshops from what I remember), but I think I would choose Hogwarts first and see what the captain (and JK Rowling) would say...

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