Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Desert Island Books - August Takeover Part 5!

Much Loved Books

Michelle from Much Loved Books is stranded on our island today and is ready to answer our questions!

1. If you were stranded on a desert island for the summer and you were only allowed one book, which would you bring with you and why?
Technically you didn’t specify what type of book, so I’m going to give two answers, my cheating answer would be my iPad with a solar powered charger that way I would have hundreds of books at my fingertips and could spend time lazing in the shade while I read.  My real answer is The Lord of the Rings, three books in one. (  I would bring this book as Tolkien is one of my all time favourite authors and this book would keep me entertained for a while and I would never get bored of reading it.

2. You discover that your favourite author has washed up ashore with you – who would it be (and why)?
My favourite author would be David Eddings.  Along with Tolkien, Eddings is one of my all time favourite authors, and he was partly responsible for me getting the reading bug back when I was younger.  I originally borrowed his Malloreon series off my Nan, and soon found myself begging for the previous part of this series, the Belgariad.

3. What would be the ultimate question you’d love to ask them?
My serious question is.. How did you come up with the inspiration and ideas behind such a complex world you have built?  My not so serious question is So how do you plan on getting us off this island?

4. You see a boat in the distance coming to rescue you… Where would you want it to take you and why (it can be anywhere, real or fiction)?
After spending so long on a roasting hot desert island my one and only destination would be to go somewhere cold, preferably with lots of snow like the Alps, Lapland, Alaska…you get the picture.

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