Friday, 24 May 2013

We dare you to read Dare You To!

The wait for the amazing 'Dare You To' is nearly over!
It is going to be the hottest book of the summer, here are some things you need to know to get up to speed:

  • This is Katie's second book, following the story of Beth from the amazing 'Pushing the Limits'.
  • Beth and Ryan, both in the same senior year at school, are complete polar opposites of each other, in fact there's definite hate between them to start with. Will opposites attract?
  • There have been loads of 'good girl meets bad boy and falls in love' storylines in YA, but this is a case of 'bad girl meets good boy'.
  • Katie had the jock boyfriend in her life after swearing she'd never date a jock, just like Beth and Ryan.
  • Beth and Ryan have some dark, deep family secrets, maybe even darker than Echo and Noah's, but can they open up to each other and work them out?
  • Katie had initial struggles with Beth & Isaiah's relationship and making them fall in love when starting to write Dare You To. (Read why here)
  • A dare is a dare and Ryan is determined he never loses, not even when it comes to the complicated Beth Risk.
  • In Dare You To you find out the full story behind why Beth lives with her Aunt and Isaiah.
  • Noah and Echo make a cameo appearance in DareYou To.
  • Katie loves glitter gel pens - especially the pink and purple ones!
  • Katie's next book Crash Into You tells Isaiah's story (YES!) and it's out in December.
  • Mira Ink editor Anna stayed on the bus three extra stops to finish Dare You To!
  • Katie has also written an e-novella, Crossing the Line, featuring a taster of Lila, Echo's best friend, and her love story with Lincoln (which is free on Kindle right now!)

Want to know more? Read the book and find out -
We dare you to.

You can order it here!
Still want more?

Click here to enter Mira Ink's Dare You To facebook competition to win a Kindle Fire!!
What more could you want? (except your very own Ryan)

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