Friday, 20 December 2013

2013: What an amazing year it's been!

Wow, what an amazing year it has been, I can't believe it's almost over, but also super exciting for Christmas, New Year and what's to come!

Lots of blogs and sites are doing a round up of the best books of 2013 (which I love to browse through) but I think this video from the New York Times is great - they've made a mini animation of their top 10 covers for 2013:

Also this competition by We Love This Book called Got it Covered is great too - they have taken 100 snippets of book covers published in 2013 and if you guess them all you could win £100 National Book Tokens.

It's trickier than you might think - it ranges from adult fiction, children's, non fiction, cookbooks etc. I'm on 
71/100 so far but it's taken a while!

What are your favourite books of 2013? 
My instant reaction is to say mine is John Green's The Fault in Our Stars (I'm on my third reading of it, it amazes me each time!) but going through my Goodreads 'Your Year in books' I realise that there have been so many amazing books I've been blown away by this year: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Kite Runner, The Book Thief, Life After Life and the Pushing the Limits series. But I could keep going on...
(I couldn't fit them all on one screenshot, so here's a small snippet!)

I've read some amazing books this year, new and old ones and I'm pleased to have hit my GR challenge target of 75 books (with still 10 days of December reading to go!)

I also want to say that I've had an absolutely amazing year blogging on the Mira Ink blog and thankyou all for reading, sharing and interacting! I've had the honour of writing about all the upcoming releases, including cover reveals, trailers, blog tours and giveaways as well as starting up discussions on book-themed topics at the time.
It's been such a great year and I've loved every minute of it and I can't wait to see what Mira Ink has in store for next year, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Have a great new year!


  1. Are MiraInk doing another Blog Ink competition by any chance?

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