Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hello February

February is finally here! I don't know about you but January always seems to drag a bit each year, what with the back to reality after the excitement of Christmas and New Year, resolutions made (and possibly broken) and the likes of Blue Monday and others. But Feb is here, we're well and truly into 2013 and there are some exciting things coming up!

First and foremost there are two fantastic books by Mira Ink coming out that deserve a mention:

'Speechless' by Hannah Harrington, author of 'Saving June' is out on the 6th February and if you haven't heard of it already here's a little teaser:

Everyone knows that Chelsea Knott can’t keep a secret 
Until now. Because the last secret she shared turned her into a social outcast--and nearly got someone killed. Chelsea has taken a vow of silence--to learn to keep her mouth shut and to stop hurting anyone else. There’s strength in silence, and in the new friends who are, shockingly, coming her way. Including a boy she might even fall for. If only her new friends can forgive her…if only she could forgive herself.
But saying she’s sorry will never be enough...

Look out for the 'Speechless' blog tour which starts on 11th February.

The second is:

'Spellcaster' by Cara Lynn Schultz, sequel to the amazing 'Spellbound' which was released last year:

‘Whatever danger there is, it’s bigger than the two of you.’ ‘It’s got more hate than you two have love.’ Angelique looked at me with sad eyes. “Brendan would do anything for you. He has done anything for you. More of his energy should be reflected in the crystals. Something this dark, it has to have some kind of magical force behind it.” 
'So what do I do now?’ I felt the panic rising in my chest. Angelique took a deep breath. ‘I have absolutely no idea.’

Any Cara Lynn Schultz fans out there? How do you think the second in the series will pan out? It's most definitely going to be another book full of excitement, drama and love.

Aside from these books there is lots more exciting things to occupy our February:

The BAFTAS is on next Sunday, 10th February.
Who do you think is going to win awards? There have some really big names that came out last and this year, with the likes of Life of Pi, Les Mis, Silver Lining's Playbook and Skyfall, as well as some to be released like Hitchcock and Lincoln.

The full list of nominations for 2013 is here for anyone who is interested:

Another thing that is sure to cause a stir in the world of YA fiction, is the release of the film 'Beautiful Creatures' out 13th February.
How many of you have read the book? Will the film live up to it? How about Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert, do you think they're good choices for Ethan and Lena?

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it already:

Let me know what you think about it all, anything else you're looking forward to in February?
As always, stay tuned for the likes of these as well as lots of new, fantastic posts on here throughout the months!

Emily x


  1. I have both those wonderful books in my to be read pile, think I'm going to read Speechless next and I'll let you know what I think.
    I am really looking forward to seeing the Beautiful Creatures film, me and Mum will be going to watch it, I really enjoyed the first book but I wasn't as keen on the second so I didn't continue with the series. Hopefully the film will do well and I'll be able to continue the story through those.
    As for the BAFTA's I always enjoy following award season and yes thats mainly for the outfits but I really want Silver Linings Playbook to win a whole heap of awards this year, I saw it this week and absolutely loved it, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were outstanding.
    The main thing I am looking forward to in February is the Girls Aloud concert I am going to on the 22nd. It will be the 8th time I have seen them.

    1. I aboslutely loved Speechless, have yet to read Spellcaster, but it'd be great to know what you thought of them both!
      I do think that Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper deserve to win something, fingers crossed!
      It'll be a great month!

  2. I just read Beautiful Creatures today and absolutely fell in love with it. I cannot wait for the film, I hope they do it justice!
    February is hopefully gonna be a great month.

    1. Let me know what you think of the film, they always seem to go either way, either be a great representation or not at all!
      Lots of exciting things to come!

  3. I hope that The Hobbit wins at least something in the categories it's nominated in because it was an amazing film! I won't be watching the BAFTAs though because I don't really like televised awards shows (they tend to drag a bit) Same goes for the Brit awards and because I don't really listen to 'modern' music (lol I'm 24 and live in the 70's!)

    I'm liking forward to a few things this month. Pancake day is one, Valentine's day is another - going out for a meal and then going to see 'Wreck It Ralph'and as as major gaming geek I seriously can't wait for this!

    Can't say that I'm liking forward to beautiful creatures. I don't really like YA fantasy as such, much prefer the works of George RR Martin and Tolkien to sink my teeth into, and Beautiful Creatures didn't really jump out at me. I think I'm still bitter from how much the likes of The Hunger Games and The Golden Compass was ruined by the film industry and even though I have yet to read the book I'm sure the situation wouldn't be much different.

    I'm also waiting to hear as to whether I have got picked as a World Book Night organiser or not because my small hometown desperately needs a dose of good literature!

    1. I agree they can drag, esp. if there are adverts too, but I like to know the end results of who won what.
      I also can't believe I forgot to mention Pancake day!! i will try and write a post for it at the time to make up for it, plus Val. day - but that's only fun if you're not single :P

      I've applied for WBN too, looking forward to hearing back and finding out when the events are - last year I went to a fantastic event with loads of people and givers it was great. Getting lots of people reading is always good! Good luck with it!

  4. **looking - that's what I get for using my kindle to go on the internet

  5. Valentine's day can be fun if you're single! Me and my friends used to send each other cards and go on a massive Valentine's day date!

    I like to hear the aftermath but to be honest going on tumblr is pretty much the same as watching it so I'll probably do that!

    Pancake day should be fun. I work in the kitchen of a day care centre for elderly people so I have to make pancakes for everyone...last time I made them I managed to get one stuck to my dog and this time I have to cook 30 so...yaaaay...

    Oh really? What do you have planned for it? I wanted to do a stall at work so some of the service users could take home a free book if they wanted to. Just because they're old doesn't mean they shouldn't read exciting novels :) Might make some book themed cakes to go along with it too maybe...I'm not a great baker though.