Sunday, 24 February 2013

*COVER REVEAL* Dare You To - Katie McGarry

Now I am both very excited and honoured to be able to be posting the blog's first Mira Ink cover reveal! Not only that, but it is none other than the new Katie McGarry cover reveal!! *ooo's and aaah's*

At the beginning of January I wrote a post about Katie McGarry's debut novel 'Pushing the Limits' and what a fantastic read it was and now she has a new book coming out in June called 'Dare You To'!

'Dare You To' brings to focus the life of Beth who played a sideline role in 'Pushing the Limits', and follows the life and troubles she faces and how her life changes completely when she meets the gorgeous Ryan!

And now for the drumroll.....

How fantastic is that? It has the right mix of steamy and sexy and it's definitely going to be a romance with an edge! What do you think about it? Are you excited to read it? I can't wait!!

Leave me a comment with what you think of it - what do you like about it? What are you looking forward to most about reading it?

Stay tuned for more exciting posts, teasers and everything else this week! 
Have a great week,

Emily x


  1. Ooooo now that looks good! I have to admit I haven't read Pushing The Limits yet but it's on the top of my book pile at the moment. I think I'll start it tonight!

    1. Doesn't it? I can't wait to start reading it - Katie McGarry is a fantastic writer! Let me know what you think of PTL!

  2. I was lucky enough to get an advanced readers copy on Netgalley. I read it in one day, soooo good! Love it even more than PTL, and that's saying something. This series rocks! and the cover fits perfectly. The red writing is a little too in your face though, the version I saw was a bit more subtle. :D

    1. Ooo glad you really liked it! It must be good if it tops PTL in your opinion - I will have to read it and see!
      I think the red is impactive though! Can be a bit more subtle on digi copies maybe?

  3. I'm incredibly happy that they used this photo! It's so gorgeous, edgy and you can just *feel* the tension between Beth and Ryan. But I don't like the font at's a bit too loud and overcrowds the place.