Friday, 19 July 2013

Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend - Is it right to be angry?

Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend is the second in the series following on from Confessions of an Angry Girl, following the journey of Rose through the start of high school.

I would tell you more but Louise Rozett has made a fab video and tells us herself what it is about:
As author videos go, I think Louise's is possibly one of the best, such fun!
I was thinking about what she said about her inspiration for the book and how she thinks that girls aren't encouraged to be angry and express their anger. Do you think this is true?
Rose is going through a tough time, she's in the midst of teen-hood, she's trying to cope with the loss of her dad and the start of high school doesnt quite run as smoothly as expected.  She has reason to be angry, everytime she tries to do something good and helpful, it backfires on her!
Are there any other books out there that actually encourage young girls to let their anger out? Imagine if some of the well-known, well-loved books changed their female protagonist to let her anger out... it would certainly put the likes of Jane Austen's characters in a different light!
Do you think that it possibly makes the story more realistic? There's certainly no sugar coating to situations in Rose's life, things go wrong, time gets tough and she can't hold it in for much longer. And I found reading both Confessions of an Angry Girl and of an Almost Girlfriend that I was angry too - it was just one thing after another and I was angry for Rose, wanting her to have a little piece of happy after, but also relieved that she could express herself, even if the other characters didn't appreciate it, as the reader I did. I think I was definitely on her side for the majority of both books!
What's your opinion on it all, whether you've read both, either or none? Do we have enough YA fiction that allows girls to express their anger with life? Is there anything you're angry about that you would love to read about?
Intrigued? Read Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend and let me know what you thought! You can get a copy here


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