Monday, 22 April 2013

World Book Night 2013 - The Before

It's World Book Night tomorrow!
It has come around so quickly and I'm really excited!

For anyone who hasn't heard of World Book Night before, it is the adult version of World Book Day and is held on the 23rd April to share the love of reading and encourage those who don't read to do so.
Each year they had pick 20 titles to give away and select 20,000 volunteers to do so. As well as giving 100,000 books away to institutions and similar places.
It is all about bringing everyone together and sharing the passion for reading!

This year I was lucky enough to be picked as a giver so I have 20 lovely copies of 'Noughts and Crosses' by Malorie Blackman to give away tomorrow and I'm so excited!

 I've still to decide what to do with mine - but I am going to the flagship event on Southbank tomorrow with various speakers and readers, which will be fab so I may give mine out around London before the event.
Is anyone else a giver? What are your plans for the books? How will you celebrate World Book Night?

Check back later this week where I'll update you on how World Book Night went, what the London event was like and also a sneaky insight into what Mira Ink did for it and the givers in their office!


  1. I'm giving away Noughts and Crosses this year. I'm taking some to the local high school, some to the job centre, then the rest will just be given out in the street (which is the scariest part!).

    I gave away The World's Wife in the first year and I Capture The Castle last year.

    It's so rewarding to share my love and passion for reading. I've cheered people up, helped them pass the time when they wait for people to turn up, given them something to talk about.

  2. I have Noughts and Crosses too :) I would love so much to be able to just walk up to people in the street and hand them out but because I have stupidly bad social anxiety I can't bring myself to do it so - I'm leaving a few at work (I work in a day centre for elderly people) so they can pick a copy up if they would like to. I'm also giving a few to my Mum who works in a care home for physically disabled people who can't always go out to a Library and/or order books online so I know that they would really appreciate a few free books, and I'm having a tumblr giveaway - It's a World Book Night/Tolkien giveaway (I reached 1300 followers on tumblr the other day so it's a fantastic way to give something back to people who follow you) I bought a few extra prizes for that and I have a load of friends who have asked for copies on facebook/twitter too so, I'm going to be shipping copies of Noughts and Crosses all across the world.

    I wish I was going to the London even I just don't live close enough to justify the journey and there is no way on earth I would go by myself aha, so I hope you have a really good time and have fun giving the books out!