Friday, 22 March 2013

Mira Ink Blogger Party 2013

For those of you that didn't know - last night was Mira Ink's 2nd (and now annual) blogger party! 

Now I have a confession to make - this was my first blogger party, which was so exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking as I know that a lot of the bloggers at the party knew each other but it was such good fun!!

There was an amazing array of cupcakes and snacks as well as a lovely goodie bag for each of us full of some of the upcoming Mira Ink books!

Saving the best until last... we got to skype chat with Katie McGarry!! She is such a lovely person, as well as writing amazing books, and was so happy to get to chat to us and answer our questions! She told us little stories of bits that inspired her to write Pushing the Limits and Dare you To and how she never really thought of herself as a YA specific writer, she just wrote what she wanted to write but now she couldn't imagine writing anything else.
Plus her favourite colour is purple!

In addition to all of this we got to see sneaky peeks of all the amazing things coming up in the next year! 
Now for those who didn't come along, I was lucky enough to be able to bring you all the latest on here too:

The seventh and LAST in the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent is coming out in April. I don't know about you, but all of us at the party were VERY excited about this - we've heard some rumours that is the best yet and really concludes the series brilliantly. Tissue warnings have been issued though!

'The Eternity Cure', Julie Kagawa's book 2 in the Blood of Eden series comes out in May. It looks fantastic and you can see behind the scene pictures of the cover shoot here!

Calling all Maria V Snyder fans out there! This summer the Chronicles of Ixia triology are being re-released under the Mira Ink name with gorgeous new covers! How amazing do they look?

Katie McGarry's second book 'Dare You To' is out in June following the second character of Beth Risk from 'Pushing the Limits' and how her life shifts when she meets Ryan. 'Pushing the Limits' was an amazing read, and in my opinion 'Dare You To' is even better!

Kady Cross' third book in her Steampunk Chronicles is out in June! 'The Girl with the Iron Touch' continues the story in an alternative 1897 London and has come with great recommendation along with the first two books 'The Girl in the Steel Corset' and 'The Girl in the Clockwork Collar'!

Back in February I posted about Claire Garber's new book 'Love is a Thief' and what her inspiration behind it was and here it is! Out in July, a fantastic read with an equally fantastic cover. This won't be the last you've heard about this book!

Another debut for Mira Ink is Amanda Sun's 'Ink' out in July this year. It is a Japanese set story and centres around what happens when ink drawings come to life...

'Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend' is Louise Rozett's second book, out in July, following on from the success of the 'Confessions of an Angry Girl', and the continued struggles in high school.

'My Favourite Mistake' by Chelsea M Cameron is being released in paperback in September! I absolutely loved this story and posted my review here. It is definitely worth reading, but if you can't wait for the paperback version it is out in digital edition here!

Elizabeth Scott is one of Mira Ink's newly acquired authors and I am so excited for her new book 'Heartbeat' to come out. If you love John Green (which I do!!) then this is the book for you! Out in September, watch this space.

'Through the Zombie Glass' is book 2 in Gena Showalter's White Rabbit Chronicles. It is a series loosely based on Lewis Carroll's Alice and Wonderland, but it is a lot darker and grittier with zombies. It comes with high recommendation and definitely worth a read!

November brings us Julie Kagawa's second book in her spin off Iron Fey series, 'The Iron Traitor'. 'The Lost Prince' was released in January and is a great read. If you loved the Iron Fey series you will love this!

And last but by no mean's least we come back to Katie McGarry with her third book! 'Crash into You' focuses on Isaiah, the third character from 'Pushing the Limits' and he finally gets to tell his story after sitting on the sidelines for two books. It is going to be fantastic! Shame we have to wait until December for this!

What a long list!! So much is coming out and it looks all so exciting. It's going to be a great 2013 for Mira Ink and the publishing world. 
Any titles catch your eye in particular?
Stay tuned as I'm sure I will be able to bring you all the updates, sneak peeks and exclusive from all these titles and more throughout the year!!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun last night! And some of those books coming out have me very excited. I loved Magic Study but those new covers have me tempted to buy them again just for the covers! :-)

  2. PS - added kudos to MIRA for keeping all seven covers of the Soul Screamers in the same format! Looks so much better on my bookshelf! ;-)

  3. Sounds great, but how on earth do you get invited to these things. I've followed Mira Ink for years, met some of their staff at a book day and message their fcebook page a lot. I did blogs for them with Mizz Mag yet never hear anyhing about this. I know they can't incite everyone, but was wondering. There were lots of people askingthis question on their Facebook page but no one answered.

    Glad you had fun though. Katie McGarry is awesome, absolutely love her books, have read Dare You To already and loved it more than the first. ;) have a good weekend.

    1. Hi Bex! Really sorry you didn't get an invite. I'm sure you can appreciate that we only have limited space at events like this, and this year we wanted to invite all ten of the runners up in our blogINK competition. It's great to see that the demand is there so in the future we'll try to find ways to make our events much bigger and more frequent, so everyone who wants to can come along. I hope that answers your questions.
      P.S glad you loved Dare You To!!

    2. Hi, thanks for answering, i do appreciate you only have limited spaces, it just seemed like there were a lot of people who hadn't heard about it and we were all wondering about it. I'll definitely look out for future events, anything to do with books and you've got my attention!
      Thanks again.
      I really did, she is an amazing author!!!

  4. Wow, super jealous of all the books you got! I'd love to be invited to something like this but as I don't blog books I guess I never will be, maybe if they had this sort of thing for fandom blogs then I would but...never mind!

    I'm liking the sound of the steampunk series, can't believe I've never heard of the books/author before, thanks for putting that one up because I'm definitely going to look those up!

  5. I love Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study and the new covers are great. Im really looking forwards to the last Soul Screamers book and im so glad that My Favourite Mistake is being released in paperback : )

    Laura @ Bookish Treasures

  6. Aw god so many of them! They look incredible. Very jealous of the blogger party. I'd love to go to something like that.
    The Iron Traitor and Through the Zombie Glass look the most appealing :).

    Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts

  7. sounds like a great event, so many of these books are on my radar including Ink, confessions of an Almost Girlfriend, MyFavourite Mistake and Through The Zombie Glass!