Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I’m really excited to be writing this first post and introducing you to the new Mira Ink blog.

 First a little about me so you know who I am:
I’m Emily, I’m 22 years old, living in north-west London. I recently graduated with an English Lit degree and took the summer out to go travelling around Europe.

 My career dream is to get into publishing and if you hadn't guessed already, I love books; reading, writing or just owning them. I have 3 bookcases in my room and still ever growing to-be-read piles surrounding them. I mainly read fiction, but I’m happy to read anything within that and I love to be a part of anything book or publishing related (my twitter news feed being the biggest give away of that). 

I also love baking (and eating) cupcakes and cookies. I can rarely go very long without baking something, which nobody seems to mind in my house!

In case some of you haven’t been following what has been going on with Mira Ink lately, in December they launched a competition called Blog Ink to find their own resident blogger. 

The winner would get a year contract as the Mira Ink blogger as well as a free laptop. Having followed and been a fan of Mira Ink for a long while, I thought why not? It sounds like an amazing opportunity and there’s nothing to lose in going for it. I wrote a book-ish blog post for round one, along with a large number of other people and waited eagerly for them to announce round 2.

I was delighted to find out I had made it into the top 10 finalists but this was then the trickier part. Writing a blog post on books is what I love to do anyway so it was simple enough, but round 2 required making a 60 second video, over the course of a weekend and then spreading it as far as possible across social media. I knew straight away that I wanted to do something abit different. You always see these amazing, quirky videos involving books and words and I thought something like that would really show my passion for books, as well as why I should be chosen as the winner.
After a weekend of running round my local park with a camera and a bag of books, this became the end result:

I then spent the week putting it everywhere I could on social media and getting as many views, likes, comments and shares as possible to prove to the judges I understood how social media works and was the best person for the job.
And I won!

Thank you to everyone who helped me out, it all made the world of difference.

Now equipped with a shiny, new laptop and a lovely pile of Mira Ink’s books to read I am ready to blog. 

This is such an exciting adventure for 2013 and I can’t wait to start writing regularly and hopefully get to know you all abit better as well along the way!

Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions or anything you like, it will get abit lonely if it’s just me talking all the time! 
If you’re not already, follow @MIRAInk on twitter where lots of exciting things happen, and me as well if you want to: @EmzFinn (levels of excitement may vary).

I will post up a new post in a few days time all about one of Mira Ink’s lovely new books so keep checking back.

Happy reading!

Emily x


  1. Congrats and good luck with blogging :)

    Tanja @ Ja čitam, a ti?

  2. Hi Emily! Congratulations! I would love to do what you're doing! I hope you have tons of fun blogging for MiraInk! I will be keeping a lookout for more posts in the future! :)

  3. Congratulations Emily!
    I would love to be in your shoes right now. Have fun working with MiraInk. They are my favorite pub. So many amazing books!
    Looking forward to reading your posts in the future :)


  4. Congratulations for winning blog ink. I absolutely love MiraInk and their books and im sure you will be a great blogger for them :)

    Looking forwards to reading all your future posts :)

    Laura @Bookish Treasures blog

  5. Wow, you are one lucky girl :D

    Have fun reading those lovely books, can't wait for your reviews!

    Bookcase to Heaven™